The Hunter Group parades its wares in public

On July 28, 2012, Rob and his family joined Gerald in Altona  - home of The Hunter Group's Cole Wire and Ironworks -  where Cole Wire sponsored a float in the Altona Sunflower Festival Parade.  Rob's kids climbed into a large pen from National Pet Cages (also part of The Hunter Group) and barked like dogs all along the way.  They had a great time getting all the dogs on the sidewalk to bark back at them.  Many a parent along the parade route joked that dog crates were a great idea for kids.  Maybe even husbands.  Hmmm….    After tossing a mountain of candy into the crowd at the parade, everyone enjoyed a traditional Altona area feast of farmer sausage and cottage cheese perogies.  A fitting reward for dog tired parade goers.