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First Workshop

On Tuesday June 29th the first Gear Up workshop with students from Norquay School, Boys and Girls Club in the Point Douglas area. The school requested if we could provide a workshop before the end of the school year. It was tight but a great way to end off the school year and a great intro for the participants to kick off National Fishing Week.Participants received a Plano tackle box that was generously donated by the Manitoba Marine Dealers Association.

Currently the facility is having an art wall painted in the workshop area featuring a lake scene with Manitoba fish species identified throughout the painting. It should be completed by July 23rd. The artist is Anastasia Alexeyev a student from Sisler High School.

Reporter Rob Brown from the Times Community News came down to do an article on the workshop which will be featured in the Times on July 8th.

From Karen Dueck, Club Manager, Norquay Boys and Girls Club:

The kids had a great time! They came back to club very excited to show off their new rod and tackle box. With our fishing program and Gear Up program providing them with rods we have taught a new skill to these youth and I believe created a love of fishing for life! Thank you and we are looking forward to connecting programs with you again.

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