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On May 14 and May 20, Gear UP was at Cabela's and the Fishin Hole respectivley collecting used fising equipment for the program. Thanks to everyone who donated!

There's a new drop off site for Gear Up donations. Drop your gentley used fishing equipment at the Tackle Box store on St. Mary's Road in Winnipeg

Throughout January and into February 2011, the Gear Up program is being featured at Winnipeg's Centennial Library downtown.

On January 9, 2011 the Gear UP program donated a number of fishing rods and reels to a Fort Whyte Ice fishing program.

Christmas came early this year for Gear UP. Pure Fishing, with closing of its warehouse in Portage la Prairie, generously donated over 1,000 rods and reels to the program.

Anastasia Alexeyev, grade 12 Sisler High School art student, is working on a Manitoba Fish themed wall mural at the Gear Up warehouse. The mural will feature a Manitoba Lake scene.

What's it About?

Share your passion of fishing with others by donating your used quality fishing equipment to the "Gear Up - Tackling the Future Fishing Program".

The program is designed to collect used fishing equipment, re-furbish it, and then share it with others. Your support and simple donation will help gear up children, families, and those less forturate with the equipment needed to get them started in fishing.

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